Romantic and Ideal Love First Part (Collaboration)

Second time i’m collaborating with this wonderful blogger, it goes so easy and fast, thank you so much

“Love is mostly tender and quiet.
Love is a light that allows people to see
things that are not seen by others.

Romantic love is a deep emotional, sexual and spiritual recognition and regard for the value of another person and relationship.”

Romantic love can generate many powerful feelings. It can provide a profound ecstasy, and a deep suffering when frustrated. To some people, romantic love is irrational. Romantic love can seem like an emotional storm.

When a man and woman encounter each other in midst of love they seek intimate contact. In a general sense, love is a response to something we intimately value. Romantic love is the experience of joy in the presence of a loved one, joy in being close to a loved one, and joy in our interaction with a loved one.

“Someone we love enters the room. Our eyes and heart light up. We look at this person. We feel a growing feeling of joy within us. We reach out and touch their hand. We feel happy and fulfilled.”

I believe we all have a true love, a soul mates somewhere in this world. The ideal to love someone, for who you feel passion, someone who makes you laugh, who can be your love and best friend at the same time.

A person who dont have any secrets from you, who always keeping all the promises or fight to keep them until the last breath.

But the problem is than most of people since they re born have as example all the movies, fairy tales, where everything its always perfect and beautiful.

We all know, life isn’t Hollywood. Their is good and bad moments, sadness and happiness all the time around us.

Thats why we need time to understand and accept, that we all have defect and the true love suppose to help you though those difficult period.

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