Forces In Life

If An Egg Is Broken By Outside Force, Life Ends. If Broken By Inside Force...

God is best #TanusriSen

God is best designer of this universe. God or you may call as creator of this universe is a great artist. God designs the universe, God designs the human kind structure, God designs the varieties exist in human beings. Gos designs the all animals and insect’s structures. God designs the things exist in this universe.... Continue Reading →

Preapre Yourself For Success..

If you want to prepare yourself for your success, Then....

My All Time Stats| 3 Months Complete In WordPress|🖎

Thanks to All my Readers and Followers. Special thanks to Tanusri Sen, S I W O & Ilona. Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless! Follow me On Twitter Follow me On Facebook COPYRIGHT © Shubham Verma

Conditional Love(collaboration)

I’m so happy, that people want to collaborate with me third time, thank you so much This is Mine: What Is Conditional Love? Your boyfriend says you look beautiful, but you better not gain any weight. Your parents praise your good grades, but withdraw if your marks start to slip. Your best friend cheers... Continue Reading →

Romantic and ideal Love second part (collaboration)

I had very good experience with this intelligent blogger, he always keep is word, her word is very valuable True love will stay by your side and fight for you, and accept you as you are, but also push you to give the best of yourself. Those days i think half of the half... Continue Reading →

Romantic and Ideal Love First Part (Collaboration)

Second time i’m collaborating with this wonderful blogger, it goes so easy and fast, thank you so much “Love is mostly tender and quiet. Love is a light that allows people to see things that are not seen by others. Romantic love is a deep emotional, sexual and spiritual recognition and regard for the... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you wish to go in a different world- by #JyotiMeena

In the world full of competition I wish there exist a world where people are whole heartedly moving towards their passion In a world where people want to socialise more and make relationships with the help of their fake nature I wish there exist a world where someone takes out time to be real and... Continue Reading →

Quote (Wrong Things)

When you stop chasing the wrong things.....

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