What to Enjoy & What to take care in the Monsoon


Mostly in India, Monsoon starts in the mid-June. This year in 2019 it was a bit late because of cyclone Vaayu, which was about to hit the cost lines of Gujarat, India.

Monsoon is the season we love the most. It gives so much of happiness when rain comes. But along with that monsoon brings unhygienic things in environment. Also people tend to get infections of stomach and throat, cough, cold, fever, etc.

Monsoon Tips for your overall health.

  • In this rainy season, after being wet in the rains you must go for the bath everytime. Because rainy water is not good for your skin as well as hairs.
  • Skin may get infection through rainy water or from any other source wherever you work through touch.
  • Keep your hairs tied in the monsoon. There will be already so much of moisture in environment, your open hair will definitely irritate you…

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