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Self-confidence is very essential. This is the foundation on which you must raise the walls of self-sacrifice.

You have to therefore lay, first of all, the foundation of self-confidence and build the mansion of self-satisfaction and self-sacrifice. Then you ultimately attain self-realisation. But people do not possess such steady self-confidence.


What is the reason?

Their mind is lost in dirty, worldly and useless desires.

How long can the worldly things last? They come and go like passing clouds.

Today students are trained in such education which fosters desires. Along with this education, you must foster human values.

Human values are not something that you need to acquire anew. They are born with you and are innate in you. As they are hidden within, you are unaware of them.

When the safe vault of the heart is opened by the key of love, the valuable qualities of human values emerge.

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