Romantic and ideal Love second part (collaboration)

I had very good experience with this intelligent blogger, he always keep is word, her word is very valuable

True love will stay by your side and fight for you, and accept you as you are, but also push you to give the best of yourself.

Those days i think half of the half of the wedding and by divorce sadly, in old times it was different and i think the main reason is because when we are use to put to rubbish all the broken things, instead of fixing them.

Where is all the our and romantically love is gone?

When a man and women encounter each other in midst of love they seek intimate contact. In general sense of love is a response to something we intimately value.

Romantic love is the experience of joy in the presents of a loved one, joy in the presence of love one, joy of being close to loved open and joy in our interaction with a loved one.

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