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God is best #TanusriSen

God is best designer of this universe. God or you may call as creator of this universe is a great artist. God designs the universe, God designs the human kind structure, God designs the varieties exist in human beings. Gos designs the all animals and insect’s structures. God designs the things exist in this universe.... Continue Reading →

Conditional Love(collaboration)

I’m so happy, that people want to collaborate with me third time, thank you so much This is Mine: What Is Conditional Love? Your boyfriend says you look beautiful, but you better not gain any weight. Your parents praise your good grades, but withdraw if your marks start to slip. Your best friend cheers... Continue Reading →

Quote (Belief)- Success Inspires World

“If you find people who tell you they don’t believe God exits because no one has ever seen him, tell them they are foolish and ask them to show you the air they breathe and believe exists. There are many things that you cannot see but must believe because they are real. God is one... Continue Reading →

Quote (Suffering)

“It does appear some people are born to suffer. From the first day they come into the world, they start....

Sudarsan Pattnaik creates colourful sand art on Holi

Sudarsan Pattnaik creates colourful sand art on Holi, shares pic—See inside

#HappyHoli to All 🌹🌹🌹💖

Enjoy the festive spirit and the bright hues of life. Have a happy and blessed Holi!

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