Romantic and ideal Love second part (collaboration)

I had very good experience with this intelligent blogger, he always keep is word, her word is very valuable True love will stay by your side and fight for you, and accept you as you are, but also push you to give the best of yourself. Those days i think half of the half... Continue Reading →

Technology Good or Bad thing and Why?(collaboration)

Today i have a chance to meet very interesting and in telling person on my blog, who agreed to make a collaboration post with difficult me😁 please check Ilona's blog ☞ Lets start with bed news, so we will be able to finish with a happy note!!!😁 Technology can be negative in our life.... Continue Reading →

Quote (Belief)- Success Inspires World

“If you find people who tell you they don’t believe God exits because no one has ever seen him, tell them they are foolish and ask them to show you the air they breathe and believe exists. There are many things that you cannot see but must believe because they are real. God is one... Continue Reading →

Your Eyes- by #AbhishekPathania

In your eyes so clear, I see the hope for the future, In your eyes like a butterfly, I see the colors of success. In your eyes,mixed with love, Vision and passion, A dream has emerged, A dream is growing, Your eyes tell a story, I see bliss standing. Only in your eyes…. Read Full... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you wish to go in a different world- by #JyotiMeena

In the world full of competition I wish there exist a world where people are whole heartedly moving towards their passion In a world where people want to socialise more and make relationships with the help of their fake nature I wish there exist a world where someone takes out time to be real and... Continue Reading →

Quote (Suffering)

“It does appear some people are born to suffer. From the first day they come into the world, they start....

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