First let’s talk about Indian food 😊😀

Plain Curtains

So as I have mentioned in my previous post that I will be sharing my favorite and interesting things in India. So, at first I would like to mention my favorite foods. So let’s get started😋.

Itemsinnon veg:

Chicken Biryani is the most tasty thing on the earth, I think.

OMG 😋 Butter Chicken with Nana is something which brings water in my mouth even if I take its name.

Methi Malai Chicken is our family favorite.

Items in veg :

I like all the items in veg especially those paneer dishes which include paneer masala, mutter paneer, etc. My mouth is still watering.

Aloo Gobi masala is must try.

Paneer malai kofta is my favourite such that I can concentrate on eating it rather than minding the world😜.

Items in sweets:

This Gujarati dish ghujiya is one of my favorite.

Carrot halwa, this one is my…

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