BHARAT (2019) #MovieReview


See those who are telling that Salman it’s your time to retire where were they when zero came….where were they when thugs of hindustan flopped badly even having a legend like big b…so in short if you are a Salman fan you might love it… overall the movie is a good movie screenplay is classic but sometimes it goes too fast and sometimes a bit slow songs are not more than average…and all performances of the cast are good but at last what everyone else will say that “it’s not a Salman type movie” but I might say that one should appreciate the performance and watch it for once….👍one should appreciate the good work and give it a go ya the songs are bit misplaced and those are saying Salman might retire will be those who are still booking tickets of his movies on first day first show and whom he will surely give answer by showing them the total boc of the film….Haha 42.3 crores on the opening day…..and people are telling him to retire

Coming to Bharat, its a great watch. Salman is in top form and Ali brings out the best from him in all his movies. He looks and emotes very well.
Katrina plays the part well. Its hard to imagine Priyanka in this role now that we have seen Katrina do it so well.

Sunil Grover is fantastic. Wont go into the details but he is superb all throughout.
Tabu’s cameo is effective and comes and a juncture in the movie which will gets tears rolling.
Music is good. Background score fantastic.
Pacing could be slow is some segments but overall the movie wont bore you at all.
One of the best Salman movies to come along in past 20 years.
Bharat has all the elements to be a fabulous film. Salman’s nailed his character as Bharat. Katrina’s career best performance. Loved Salman and Sunil brotherhood. Bharat is an emotional ride with some humorous elements. Ali Abbas Zafar has proved once again that he is a phenomenal director. Overall Bharat is a pure family entertainer. Go watch it with your family and friends.

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