Perfect Timing.


The winds were blowing,

And the skies were turning grey as the rain began to fall.

And the scent of earth reached all corners of my room.

I could hear the rain.

And it was divine.

It’s so easy to create memories.

That’s what I’ve been doing so effortlessly.

Although the time I told you, the atmosphere was subdued.

There was something special, which you happened to find.

Don’t know how, but the time seemed so right.

And my mind forced me to tell everything.

Or did my heart do that?

Maybe it was my heart.

In so little time, we’ve created a million memories.

And memories remain with us like the salt in the sea.

And like the grains of the sand, they seem infinite.

And probably what we’re feeling, is infinite too.



I’m back after a long time, and I hope you all are doing well.

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