These Ten Tips Are All You Need to Be Successful as a Blogger

The Art of Blogging

Most of the advice that you find on this blog, on our patreon, in my book, it’s all simple, straightforward, and what you’d call common sense.

That’s maybe why a reader e-mailed me yesterday that my posts did not provide him with answers to what he’d been thinking about for so long:

  • How long does a blog post have to be? My answer, which is “it depends, did not satisfy him.
  • How often should he blog? Well, I provide the same answer.
  • How much time does it take to make money from your blog? Guess what I have to say about that.

It all depends.

It’s not magic, but the ingredients that make a successful blog are so obvious that most people think it’s impossible to be that simple.

It is. But simple doesn’t mean easy. Quite the contrary.

Because the truth is that if…

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