BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 26 – Zen Moment

Virtual Siyahi

What is Zen? A moment when you experience peace and solace after accomplishing a certain important and very special task. The relief, the sigh of satisfaction and happiness is unmatched and no less than attaining Nirvana.

Accomplishing #BlogChatter A2Z Writing Challenge has been no less than a meditative journey for me for the last 30 days, as I have been consciously writing, being present, being aware, being mindful and interacting with so many amazing fellow blogger around the corner. Although it makes me sad somewhere because all the excitement of writing, reading, and sharing will suddenly stop or slow down.

Virtual Siyahi Engrossed in some serious writing and my daughter clicked this one to show it to her dad 🙂

Writing has always been a catharsis to me, a source of relief, a getaway from the outside world. I call my blog my happy place and I am the solopreneur…

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