Blogchatter A2Z Challenge Day 22 -Value what you have

Virtual Siyahi

If I start on a dramatic note then I would say, Bhag daud bhari ye zindagi jisme rukna mana hai, thakna mana hai, aise mein koi choti choti cheezo par kaise dhyan de?

On the 22nd day of Blogchatter A2Z Challenge, I bring to you another way out of my #26days26ways of self-awareness. — VALUE WHAT YOU HAVE BEFORE IT’S GONE.

Especially things which are available for free and in abundance, BREATH being the primary source of survival, how many of us consciously breathe in and breath out? I guess none. We do not even pay attention to it, because it’s happening continuously without any effort.

Likewise, there are so many things which we should value in our lives and be grateful for their mere presence in our life. As you never know what time will bring to us and the things we have with us in the present will…

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