Belief of Belief


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” Some people who call themselves wise, assumes that innocent and honest people are fools. And this particular belief puts a big question mark on their wisdom.”

Yeah, they are sensible
Great and practical
Only believe in being representable
Something which is fashionable

But, Innocence is admirable
No matter what but unalterable
And, they call it laughable
Well, this is questionable
Why it is illogical
Something which is honourable
Not considered as valuable

Never understand this principle
I think it will be terrible
When decency will burst it’s patience-level
Of this deep ocean which is immeasurable

© Priyamvada

Image Source – Google

“खुदकोसमझदारकहनेवालेकुछलोग, भोले औरईमानदारलोगोंकोमूर्खमानलेतेहैं. औरयहीधारणाउनकेसमझदारीपरएकबड़ाप्रश्नचिन्हलगातीहै.”

ता उम्र ख़ुद को ज़हीन कहने वाले
उसकी पाकीज़ा नीयत को बे-अक्ली कहते रहे

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