Good Fats VS. Bad Fats

The Happy Minimalist Girl

Hey there lovelies, today were talking all about the difference between good fats and bad fats. I think if you are on a weight-loss journey or a healthy eating lifestyle, you steer clear of all fats because you think they are all bad for you. When the reality is you need fats in your diet, to make sure your body functions properly. Learning the difference between bad fats and good fats is something that will help you better understand yourself and food in the long run.

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Good Fats

Beautiful Picture Of Healthy Food From Flickr

Healthy fats, are going to be a key part of your diet. Healthy fats otherwise known as unsaturated fats come in two forms polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. The important part is to balance the two in your everyday diet. There are a million and one sources to find good fats in. While bad fats…

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