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🖤 Steph's Poetry and Such🖤

Why do we all let personal perspectives sway our intuition?
These unlimited thoughts without planned actions they hold no dominion.
When they’re good, well they’re good, inspiring to test.
But don’t let the bad ones distract you from your quest.
There’s a difference, you should know, when someone speaks to praise.
And a difference you should know, in an envious phrase.
There are people who are for you, with every good intention.
And there are people who in a jealous act, pitch irrelevant convictions.
But I want you to know, those words, they just don’t matter.
Don’t even use them as motivation to make yourself better.
It’s simply negative noise,
Someones unfulfilling void.
Reality is, they’ll gossip about you, so with themselves they are less annoyed.
These thoughts and people, give them no attention,
because in order to hurt you,
they need your permission.
When you go searching for something,

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