Nature & Art

Ananya Studios

Namaste, Greetings..!!

Nature. A world in only 6 letters. The most beautiful thing we can ever see in this world.

Art. A vast concept. With varieties of topics and mix of colours. Hew of hardwork and strokes of a brush. Second most beautiful thing you will ever see in this world.

Infact, art is part of nature. Does it make art also the best thing you can ever see?

In my world, where art and photography exists, nature plays a very important role.

It Influences my art a lot. It teaches me very important things which are really important for my passion for art, which is..


There are many Colours in nature, in your surroundings, when we think about a tree, we know it’s trunk is brown, grass is green, leaves are green, we picture it in our mind and that’s what…

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