Time Truth..


Talk Exchange..!

Lying under the stars,
Where it was completely dark,
I heard my mind speak to my heart,
"Is this what you want?", mind asked.

My heart all confused,
And bandaged yet bleeding,
Not understanding what to say, replied,
"I guess not!"

Sunk in the ocean of pains,
Broken as a bottle of wine,
My heart asked the stars,
"Is there a fault in you?"

Brightening up the dark place,
Twinkling like the diamonds, 
With an overwhelming smile the stars replied,
"No dear, It's the Time's plan!"

"Yes" said the Time,
"I have given you pains"
"I hurt you for you to realize,
How others feel when you do them the same."

"I am Time,
And I will show you what Life is."
Though Time is your Killer,
Always remember that,
Time is the only Healer. 

-Neha Kulkarni.

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