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As she stands out, gazing the stars.

She wonders why, people get selfish.

For everything she did, since she was a kid.

In return she got nothing and that’s what it was hurting.

She wondered how, people refused to what she wanted.

All they did was taunted.

All she wanted was a little care. Little attention, little share.

But little did she realize, this world was big, but their hearts were small.

She did all the sacrifice, all the compromise.

But what she got was little unfair.

No one did, no one cared.

Wondering still, she thought why.

Nobody did what she did.

She waited, waited and waited and realized no one was as kind.

They were all blind, who couldn’t see her care.

But she stood up again, with all the faith she had on god.

He was her friend, it’s not the end.

She doesn’t care, if nobody’s…

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